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S P R I N G  A W A K E N I N G  workshop


friday, 16 march 2018

7.30 - 9.30 pm 

reni bickel & manuela schoepfer


“the heart is like a garden. it can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love.

what seeds will you plant there?” - buddha


this workshop is designed to cleanse, realign and prepare ourselves for the change of the season. together we’ll get ready for spring equinox, celebrating the sun and the longer, more light-filled days. 


private workshop event facilitated by reni bickel and manuela schoepfer, two swiss yoginis living in the US, both bringing in their special knowledge and personal research.


reni bickel is a yoga teacher and crystal healing facilitator based in brooklyn, NY. she’ll open the workshop with a short katonah yoga inspired warm up to move through joint space and activate the internal energy flow, followed by a meditation with clear mountain quartz crystals for clarity and good focus. reni generously and openly shares her experience of working with crystals. their frequencies have the powers to stabilize our aura, balance the chakras and activate the personal healing energies. more about reni:


manuela is a yoga instructor, breathwork teacher and reiki practitioner, based in los angeles, CA. she’ll be introducing an ancient active meditation technique that focuses on moving stagnant energy through and out of the body through rhythmic breathing. manuela uses aromatherapy, sacred smoke and clearing rituals and combines it with a really great playlist.


all parts of the workshop are nicely weaved together and designed to release emotions, old stories, limiting beliefs and to cleanse the energy that moves through the body and the mind.


slow, nourishing and suitable for everyone. no experience in yoga or breathwork necessary. please wear comfy clothes. 


where:                 hyperslow yoga studio, los angeles 

exchange:            45 USD in advance, 55 USD on spot

                          *includes an individual mountain quartz crystal!



space is limited. SIGN UP TODAY:


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