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C A C A O  C E R E M O N Y


thursday, 26 april 2018

7.00 - 9.00 pm

chantal kammermann & manuela schoepfer


cacao was used by the mayans and aztecs for medicinal and spiritual purposes. packed with various health benefits, it truly opens the 4th chakra. a natural energy and mood booster it also enhances meditation and promotes mental clarity.


during this two hour ceremony you will learn more about raw cacao and enjoy a delicious cacao drink or two! this will be followed by a meditation and dance through the chakras to really elevate your energy and move your body temple.  


you will leave with a big smile and a radiant open heart!


for best results, please fast 3 hours prior to class and avoid caffeine all day. if you have high blood pressure, heart issues, allergies to chocolate or are pregnant please consult your doctor before attending.


powerful, nourishing and suitable for everyone. no experience necessary. please wear comfy clothes. 


where:        BOL meditation studio, los angeles

exchange:   $35

registration:  BOL meditation studio


space is limited. SIGN UP TODAY! 

photo via pinterest - unknown artist


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