I had a breath session with manuela and my experience is beyond words. we started a meditation where she played amazing music, lighted up candles and placed crystals in my chakras. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while she used essential oils for aromatherapy. once we started the session I immediately got very focused and followed her instruction on the temple of my breath. I felt safe since she was paying attention and grounding me while I started to feel my body full of oxygen. it felt like I was reborn and came back healed from another world! 

the experience was incredible! I recommend it to everyone that wants a meditation with a high of air and shot of reiki full of amazing positive energy. is definitely a healing session that will change your day and intentions. you will be able to feel her passion and love to channel energy of the universe to your body. I will come back to see her again many times!

carolina rocha, health coach & founder of sunlight nutriton los angeles, CA 

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the breathwork session I had with manuela. it was exactly what I needed and what my body had been asking for.
manuela made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and safe. I had been wanting a private session centered just around breathing as I know how beneficial it is to the mind, heart and body. I would do it again and again with manuela. her energy is very light, sweet and strong. highly recommend!
cindy gallo, long beach, CA

manuela is a truly RADIANT being - her light and love and laughter are infectious and it is such a joy to join her for truly soul inspiring beach classes. between the soothing sounds of the waves, the invigorating feeling of the sun rays on your skin, and her skillful instruction - you will walk away blissful and revitalized. make the commitment now to take care of YOU - I'll see you on the beach!

marisa quintanilla, co-founder wildland organics, los angeles, CA 

my breathwork experience with manuela was beyond what words can define. she guides you through your own personal journey as you dive deeper into your dimension of inner self. I would highly recommend her as I plan on seeing her again! namaste

rene villa, los angeles, CA 


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