breathe with manuela and feel the tremendous benefits of her healing art:


inner peace

relaxation and better sleep

mental clarity

eliminates toxins

emotional balance





breathwork is an ancient active meditation technique that focus on moving stagnant energy through and out of the body. 

it releases strong emotions, old stories, limiting beliefs and it helps to reduce anger, sadness and fear. 

conscious breathing is extremely calming and clearing for your mind. the process of letting go is an energy cleanse.


this easy, rhythmic breathing style can be learned in a single session.

it is such a wonderful medicine. the experience is powerful, profound and sometimes even psychedelic.



you alone choose who and what you want to be. 

create space for your own reality and your own beliefs. 

step into the highest version of yourself.

raise your vibration.

open your heart, give love and accept to receive love.

start to heal yourself.

embrace the unknown.

love yourself.

connect to your soul purpose.


manuela will support you to set an intention and will guide you in the breath journey.

throughout the session she will be here for you and leads you intuitively so you can go deep within yourself.

manuela will hold a grounding space, uses aromatherapy and treats you with crystals.

also reiki energy is flowing through her and she passes it on to you. manuela creates a very safe and sacred environment for your healing process. sound healing, the smell of sacred herbs will also help you to release memorized emotions.

from the support of the breath the mind relaxes, we learn how to listen with a still heart and a present open soul.


you will leave with a light body and many miracles will start to happen in your life.


every private session consists of an individual conversation, breathwork, therapeutic sound wave meditation and energy medicine.

oftentimes manuela has little homework for your onward journey.


manuela offers private one on one, couples, siblings, family, group and corporate sessions. 

also virtual sessions are available.

no experience is necessary.

price in-person session: 

75 min. $155 / 1 person

75 min. $255 / 2 people

price virtual session:

75 min. $100 / 1 person

75 min. $150 / 2 people

virtual sessions are facilitated via zoom. 

it allows manuela to hold space for you where ever you are in the world. the experience is just as powerful as an in-person session and oftentimes it is even deeper and more relaxing because you can be in your safe and comfortable home.


manuela also offers weekly group sessions in studios and virtual. here you find the schedule.

if you would like to bring breathwork to your private event, studio or corporate space, please connect with manuela here


trust your body, trust your heart.

feel the unconditional love within and all around you.

breathe in love.

breathe out love.


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