manuela schoepfer - conscious space holder.

manuela creates deep, transformative experiences.

she is a certified breathwork guide, yoga instructor, crystal healer, reiki practitioner and

co-founder of lilleworld

always interested in spiritual work and self-improvement, her practice started with yoga and meditation in 2005 in lucerne,  a beautiful town in switzerland, next to a lake and the mountains, where she was born and raised.

she can still remember how she felt after attending her very first yoga class, her heart was open, full of love, her mind was quiet and clear and she was shining so brightly like never before. she left the beautiful studio with this magical feeling and she knew right away, that this is something she had been seeking for years. yoga brought her closer to herself. the mat quickly became her sacred space and daily ritual.


manuela is grateful for this journey, every single day!


so she keeps on going and growing, on and off the mat... 

traveling and yoga, her two greatest passions flow hand in hand. she is continuously learning and studying with her wonderful, respected students, with her master teachers, healers, and instructors from all over the world. giving back to her community and helping others has always been her main focus.

in silence, surrounded by trees, mountains and water is where she is the happiest and can gather her energy. 

our mother earth provides strong medicine in all aspects and they heal our body, mind, and spirit.

we simply need to listen and be more quiet.

she truly believes in the power of alternative healing art, in indigenous knowledge and rituals. 


heal yourself with breath, light & sound. 


as an intuitive healer, manuela loves to hold space for her clients as well as support and guide them so they can grow, thrive and shine with a clear, open mind and a receptive heart free from fear, anger, and suffering.


everyone is able to reach her or his full potential, because everything you need is already within you.


she offers private and small-group sessions in breathwork that combine

her background in yoga with meditation, aromatherapy, crystals, and reiki. 

manuela inspires people across the globe to connect with their true self and to create a life where body, mind and soul are aligned.

our life here on mother earth is extremely precious and very special.

it is time to rise, expand and grow to new levels. 

let the heart shine.

we are love. we are surrounded by love. everything is love.


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